We all have our reasons for living on a boat, some live aboard as a way to travel and explore foreign shores while others just like to be near the water and find living on a boat or floating home cheaper than water front property, others still, just sort of  end up living on a boat  by accident. Those of us living on the water come from all walks of live from students looking for an alternative to traditional housing to retirees wanting to down size and get closer to nature.   What ever your reason, living in a floating home poses its own special challenges as well as rewards.

              Living Aboard Zen is dedicated to the life afloat. This site will look at all aspects of living on the water. Having been a live aboard for many years myself,  I have learned that this lifestyle can be a bit different from land life and often requires some special skills and knowledge to make that life even better. It  is not just for those living on sailboats or even a boat at all for that matter. There are many who are living in some really nice floating homes as well as more traditional boats. There are many sites that cover boat repair as well as the cruising life. This site will focus on those things that are unique to the lifestyle rather than the type of home you may have or dream of having. That said we will post some maintenance and repair articles that are of special interest to the live aboard.


              If you life on the water or just dream of living on the water please join us here as we explore the lifestyle. Feel free to contribute your thoughts and ideas and if you get so inspired please feel free to submit a article to be included. The real purpose of this site is to share what we have learned to help others who are just getting started. Please take the time to check back often and share what you like with your friends on Facebook. We are always looking to improve the site so your thoughts and ideas are welcome.

Capt. Wayne Canning.







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