Finally we are beginning to see an end to this brutal winter weather. At least here in the mid South we are. I know for folks up North there is still some kick left in this winter and I am sure we are not fully out of the woods yet either. But at least we are starting to see some weather that warrants venturing out of the cabin and taking in a bit of sun.

                Of course this does not mean I can go out and just lay around in the sun, oh no there are chores to be done outside just waiting for me to get started on. I think the very first chore I am going to tackle will be cleaning and waxing the boat. After a long winter of dirt and grime she is a bit overdue for some polishing up.  This is not one of my favorite chores but there are a few reasons beyond looks alone that make this a worthy task.

wax on wax off

                Compounding and waxing is truly one of those Zen like things to do on a boat. It is a bit of a mindless task that can be very relaxing if you are not pushing to get a lot done all at once. You can just sort of chill out and do the ol wax on wax off thing, pretty basic really. It is nice to let your mind go and zone out a bit and still be accomplishing something useful. This and varnishing can be very relaxing. Also you can see some results right off the bat, things start to look better giving a nice feeling of having accomplished something useful. Waxing can also be done in small chunks which means I can do a section then go off and do something else should I become board with rubbing small circles.

                It is also a good place to start to get ready for the spring sailing season. By getting out there on deck and getting intimate with your boat you begin to see all those little things that are wanting your attention. I just did a little bit in the cockpit this afternoon and found several things I really need to take care of if I want my first sail of the season to be trouble free.  Some I knew were left over from the last sailing season and some were new problems just waiting for me to discover them.

                The days are still a bit short and I am sure there will be more cold rainy evenings when I cannot get out doing any waxing. I am going to plow ahead though and try to finish this chore before the sailing season truly begins. Of course I know doing this will generate a work list of other chores but I suppose that is also part of the Zen as well.  One thing leads to another and everything is connected on a boat in one way or another. Besides it is time to start thinking about getting this boat out of the slip. I do not live on my boat to sit in the back corner of the marina and as soon as the weather final cuts us some slack we will getting this boat out and moving again. And of course I want her to look good when we do.


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