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Anyone who lives on a boat surly knows the feeling of knowing you have something, but just not where the hell you put it. Boats are like a void; things come aboard and just vanish.  Now you would think most boats not being very big, it would not be hard to find things. Sadly my friends nothing is further from the truth.

Boats seem to be Black Holes that will absorb everything put into them.  This can be a bit a bit of a damager in that I am sure there will come a point where it is no longer wise to simply paint the waterline a bit higher. The real problem though is being able to find what has been placed aboard when needed. It seems I spend more and more time looking for things I “know” I saw just last week.

I think this all has a bit to do with Quantum physics. The theory in Quantum physics is that a particle can be in all places at once until it is observed and then it can only be in one place. Now I am not going to pretend to understand this but I do know that it seems all the stuff onboard my boat is always in my way until I need it. As soon as I need something it is nowhere to be found! This seems to be exasperated by the urgency of the need. Sort of like a wallet when you have just filled the fuel tank and the dock master is waiting to be paid.

The only other logical explanation would be aliens from another dimension moving my stuff around to observe my behavior and frustration. Now I know this cannot be fully proven but I have some suspicions. Read my post on the little bugs that invade me from time to time and you will understand. I mean this makes a lot more sense than little fairies that come in the middle of the night right? (“I am not crazy, my mother had me tested”)

Part of the reason I live on a boat is to simplify my life. I know less stuff means less stress and all that Zen stuff. Somehow this does not seem to be working like the Zen masters of old would have me believe. Ok so maybe I just need even less stuff to achieve Nirvana but I am not quite ready to give it ALL up. I mean some of what I have I need for the boat after all. I will confess to a weakness for some toys and gadgets and Teresa says she really needs all those shoes and who am I to argue.

I have to admit I do admire those souls who are able to keep records and lists of what they have and where it is kept. My hat is off to these folks who are way more organized than I am. I am sure if I made a list of where everything is I would not be able to find the list when I needed it! That and I confess I am just too lazy for all that writing and organizing. Besides I have a bit of a tendency to “reorganize” from time to time and that would mean making whole new list and I am afraid this would cut into happy hour.

I know I am not alone in this feeling that everything that gets close to my boat gets pulled into a gravitational void never to be seen again. For my part I will try to organize a bit better and maybe try not to bring so much stuff aboard. I do have dreams of one day lowering the waterline not raising it but I am realistic. Of course Teresa is going to have to admit she does not really “need” all those shoes but I will not push her on that, after all she does put up with me!

Comments welcome, lets here your lost crap story!

Capt. Wayne


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