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This is a meal we had a few times in a local restaurant and I liked it so much I decided to come up with my own version I could make easily on the boat anywhere, sure we might not have rose gold cutlery and a wine cellar, but nothing can compare to home cooked food.

I prefer to keep things simple using as few ingredients as possible but it’s a nice base and you can take it anywhere you want to go. I’m including a few notes on things I learned after I made this the first time.

Shrimp Tacos; Coat shrimp with spray butter, salt and pepper. Place on soaked skewers and grill until done. Squeeze fresh lime over when they first come off grill so they soak up the flavor. I don’t use a marinade or even many spices on the shrimp. I want to taste grilled shrimp when I eat my taco. Grill lime wedges when grilling shrimp Broccoli slaw – place on grill on grill pan. Grill until just starting to soften but still crisp. Put in bowl and season with salt, pepper, and squeeze of fresh lime. shrimp taco shrimp Mango Salsa: chopped mango, green onion, cilantro, and fresh jalapeño (when Wayne’s not looking) and lime or lemon juice. The mango Chunks turned out a bit large so I would pay attention to it being chopped small so it fits nicely in the tortilla with everything else. I also only used half of a small jalapeño because I was afraid of it being too hot for Wayne’s taste and turned out we couldn’t taste it at all so next time I’ll use more. Assemble taco on regular flour or whole wheat tortilla; slaw then small amount of sour cream, as many shrimp will fit, top with mango salsa. Serve with lime wedge. We used the smallest tortillas but I think some a bit larger would work better. I completely forgot to warm them on the grill so do not forget this step as it will add to the overall flavor.

Black Bean and Corn salad side dish. (1) 16 oz can black beans 2 cups frozen corn or can of corn Chopped red onion. About a half a medium one. The one I got was large and I chopped half of it but didn’t use it all and it was still a bit heavy on onion. It was also quite a strong one so the tears got in the way. Chopped tomatoes or sliced grape or cherry tomatoes in half (Wayne will pick these out but I like them and they’re necessary for color) Dressing is juice of a lime, olive oil, salt, pepper, bit of hot sauce, and cumin or cilantro left from mango salsa. I used about a tablespoon of chopped cilantro but it turned out a bit bland. Not being a big fan of cilantro instead of increasing it next time I think I’ll skip it and go with something else, maybe a bit of cayenne or increase the hot sauce. Served alone or on top of lettuce. Hope you like this and the beauty is it is easy to modify a tweak to your personal tastes.

Teresa As the one on the eating end of this I have to say this is a very tasty dish. It is a nice blend of flavors without one over powering another. Simple to fix on board and a good summertime meal. I think it will be fun to play with this as we travel to add some local flavors to it. That is part of the fun mixing things up a bit. Might even be good using local fresh fish as well. 

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