Grilled Pineapple Cocktail IMG_0335 3-4 oz spiced rum 2-3 oz pineapple juice Tablespoon each of vanilla extract and sugar 4 large pieces of grilled pineapple Squeeze of half a grilled lemon Blend with ice and enjoy! This made 4 drinks but we do have relatively small glasses. The flavor is a bit tart since I just used a bit of sugar and not simple syrup, but it has a really nice smokey flavor from the grilling. We ran out of the grilled pineapple so I used plain pineapple for the last batch but it really was not anywhere as good. I think the caramelized pineapple with a bit of the grill flavor really make this drink special and take the edge off the tartness. This is a great drink to go with most any grilled dinner but works best with seafood. Teresa Ok I admit I thought perhaps Teresa had gotten into the rum a bit early when she announced that she had to grill pineapple for our drinks! As with any couple it is the male’s role to just smile nod and hope for the best when your mate says such things. So I lit the grill for her and hoped she was not losing it. Well I have to say I was much surprised with the first taste. This is a very tasty drink indeed. As with many fruit drinks the flavor or the alcohol is very subtle but the slight grilled flavor make this one unique. It should however, come with a warning that you will feel the full effects of the rum in short order but by then of course it is too late! If you want to treat your guests to something a bit different then this might be just the drink. Capt. Wayne Just wait until you see what I do with grilled peaches, pears, and raspberries. T


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