One of the more dreaded chores aboard Vayu is laundry. It’s not that I mind doing laundry that much, it’s just that this is not an easy chore when one lives on a boat. Few boats have enough room to have a washer/dryer and Vayu is not one of them.  This of course means I have to haul the laundry off to do it someplace else. Unfortunately the marina I am staying in at the moment has no laundry facilities.

                I could tote my soiled stuff off to a coin laundry not far from here or take it to my girl friend’s house, but I try to find other more practical solutions to such mundane tasks. The thing about going to a Laundromat is it just seems such a waste of time sitting there watching your clothes go round. As I work on boats I am often traveling to other marinas and boat yards for my work. I have learned that if I carry a bag of dirty laundry in my travels I can often wash it at whatever yard I am working in. If I can get my laundry done and work at the same time that is a bonus.

                I have however, noticed a lack of Laundromat etiquette in my travels. It would seem some folks lack manners when it comes to washing clothes. Most marinas only have two or three machines available for use, so good manners can become even more important. Some of this would seem common sense to most but I am finding that is not always the case. I think the worst case I came across was a woman that thought her stuff was more important than mine and actually removed my clothes from the machine while it was still running! This was a first for me and when I made the comment that she must be in a real rush she just glared at me and went about her business without a word. In yet another case someone filled all the machines at the same time with their laundry, not leaving a machine open for anyone else. To make matter worse when the clothes were done they left them in the machines for more than two hours after the machines stopped before returning. This meant no one else could use the machines for most of that afternoon.

                So with this in mind I thought I would offer some suggestions for proper etiquette when doing laundry at a marina.

1.            Never fill ALL the machines with your stuff at once. Leave at least one washer and dryer open for            others to use. I know some of us are in a rush but keep in mind others may have limited time as   well. When you fill all the machines you may be making it harder for someone else with limited         time.

2.            If you have to leave to go off and do other chores try to get back shortly before your machine   finishes. This will make sure you are not holding a machine up after it is done. I personally do        not like to pull someone else’s stuff out of a machine but I will in some cases if the owner has              not returned in a reasonable amount of time.

3.            I suppose this should go without saying but apparently I do have to say it. Do not remove others              laundry while the machine is still running. I my mind this really is a form of theft, as the person   has paid for that time and by doing this you are stilling what they paid for.

4.            Clean up after yourself. This means removing lint from the dryer and throw out any trash you    brought with you.

5.            If something breaks do not be shy and report it to the manager. This way it will get fixed sooner.              Also if possible leave a note indicating a machine is not working so others will not waste their time and money.

I am sure I will add to this list as time goes on and if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions to add please take the time to leave a comment.  I am sure others have their own pet peeves when it comes to getting our wash done.

Capt. Wayne


well. When you fill all the machines you may be making it harder for someone else with limited


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