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Weekly (or something like that) Blog of life aboard Vayu. I will try to not get into just talking about myself and try to provide some usefulness to my ramblings, but make no guaranty. (It is my Blog after all)

  • Why Live on a boat?

    Why Live on a boat?

    I often get funny looks when I tell folks I live on a boat. There are those that give me that somewhat sad look that makes me think they are thinking “oh I am sorry […]

  • Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning

    Finally we are beginning to see an end to this brutal winter weather. At least here in the mid South we are. I know for folks up North there is still some kick left in […]

  • All Clogged Up

    All Clogged Up

    I noticed the other day my shower drain running a bit slow. This happens about once a year and is a reminder that it is time to clean out the shower sump. It did get […]

  • Small Joys

    Small Joys

    One of the things about living on a boat is you learn to appreciate the little pleasures. This is particularly true here in the dead of winter when we are cooped up inside the boat […]

  • Staying Warm

    Staying Warm

    As much as I hate it winter is on the way and in many places here in force.  I personally am not a fan of the cold; in fact I will start complaining when it […]

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