Some of you may think I am crazy but I believe I am under attack from another dimension. I know this would seem hard to believe but I am fairly certain there is some truth to this. Shortly after I arrived back in my home slip up the river the attacks began.

The attacks started slowly at first but quickly grew in number. These were not ordinary bugs like flies or mosquitoes. They were very small and a bit like a tiny moth. They did not bite or sting, but would fly in my face and try to get in my nose and mouth, very annoying to say the least. At first I thought these little creatures were coming in from outside, a logical assumption. No big deal right? But as time went on I began to wonder. Let me explain.

If you are under attack from flying insects you simply close up and do not let the bugs in right? This seemed pretty basic and simple. So I closed the boat up but the bugs kept coming, in fact it seemed like there were even more of them. They showed up mainly early in the morning and in the evening just after dark.  I went so far as to remove my solar vent for the head compartment and even taped up the small cracks around companionway hatch but still they came.

So logically I assumed they had to be coming from inside the boat, but from where? I looked in the shower sump and saw little larva crawling around in there. Ahhh, I figured this had to be the source. So I put some bleach in the sump and flushed it out with clean water, problem solved right? Not so easy. The bugs continued to show up.

Ok now I was getting pissed, this was no longer amusing. There were bug bodies all over and little dark smears where I had whacked them. They were making it hard to sleep at night, getting into my mouth and nose as I slept! Several times I woke up coughing just knowing I had inhaled one of the little bastards. And there is nothing worse than waking up snorting a bug from your nose. This was WAR!

As the numbers increased I became desperate. They were driving me from my home, something had to be done! I figured maybe they were coming from the bilge so I poured bleach in the bilge and scrubbed it clean.  Things would improve for a few days but they would always return. I finally figured out that I could use my little portable vacuum to suck them up. They were not fast and I could even catch them mid air like this. Finally I was gaining some ground. Every morning and every night I would walk around the boat sucking up the little pests.

Here is where my theory of being attacked from another dimension comes in. I would go around vacuuming up the bugs only to turn around and find more. They would just appear out of nowhere. They would land on the overhead and just sit there waiting for an opportunity to fly into my mouth. I swear they would just be there, it was weird. I would not see any flying around only to see six or eight of them just suddenly appearing out of nowhere. It was like poltergeist bugs just appearing out of nothing! I was getting freaked out to say the least.

I slowly began to understand that they had to be coming from another dimension. The porthole to this dimension would open twice a day in the morning and evening and the bugs would appear. I think they are little drones sent to explore and learn more about us humans. Why else would they want to get into my nose and mouth, they were trying to explore our bodies. They wanted to learn about us and I was their human of choice to study. I am guessing my slip was located near the dimensional porthole and that is why they picked me. There is one flying around me as I type this, I know they are watching!

But it seems they were not ready for me to suck them up one by one. This seems my best defense and is working fairly well as their numbers are slowly decreasing. I know what you are thinking; you think I have lost my mind. That there is no way bugs from another dimension could possibly be attacking me. Well I hope you are right but stranger things have happened, you tell me where these little bastards are coming from and why they so badly want to get up my nose. In the mean time I plan to keep my vacuum well charge and sleep better at night with it by my side!


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