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I try not to have too many rules on the boat, after all it is boat life and rules generally do not mix with boat life. Sometimes a few informal rules do help make life a little better onboard.  Let’s face it some rules like wearing a safety harness at sea are good, others like putting things away when done with them make life easier. Some rules such as never leave a glass of rum unfinished and always smile at a pretty girl in a bikini are just plain common sense.

                The thirty minute rule states that I will always try to keep the boat in a condition that with thirty minutes notice I could go out sailing. Back when I was younger and first lived on a boat I talked to many live aboard boaters that would never leave the slip. They had stuff piled all over the place inside and out. They would lament that it was just too much work to put everything away to go out.  So they would spend years never leaving the slip. I always thought this sort of defeated the purpose of living on a boat.

                Now do not get me wrong I have nothing against someone who lives on a boat and never leaves the dock. If you enjoy living on your boat in the marina or at anchor without ever going anywhere then more power to ya. At least you are using your boat, I see many boats that only see their owners once or twice a year.  A boat should be used even if it is only as a water front beach house, nothing wrong with that. The point after all is enjoying water living.

                For me though, I like to be able to get out on the water even if just for an afternoon sail. I feel less confined and it helps me feel that one day I just may not come back. My long term goal is to be able to head out full time cruising. At this time in my life, like many other live aboards, that is not possible. So at least I can try to get away from the dock and pretend to be a cruiser on the weekends and holidays. It also reminds me why I live aboard. 

                Getting out of the slip and doing a bit of sailing is also a good way to keep the boat in good operational condition. I mean nothing like taking her out and breaking a few things to find your weak spots. Boats tend to like to be used it is good for keeping all the noisy things in the bilge happy.  Pumps and engines work better when they get a bit of exercise, come to think of it so do I!

                So I have my 30 minute rule and I try to keep it. Admittedly in the winter I get a bit slack and maybe it would take closer to an hour to be ready but I am a wimp and do not sail when it is below 60 degrees anyway. No matter I think it is a good habit to keep the boat ready to go. You never know when a neighbor is going to piss you off or the marina raise its rates after all. I guess that is part of it, isn’t it? Part of the freedom of living on a boat, knowing you could just move if you choose to. It does not mean you have to choose to exercise that freedom but it is nice to know it is there none the less.

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Thanks Capt. Wayne


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