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  • Why Live on a boat?

    Why Live on a boat?

    I often get funny looks when I tell folks I live on a boat. There are those that give me that somewhat sad look that makes me think they are thinking “oh I am sorry […]

  • Noodles with Peanut Sauce

    Noodles with Peanut Sauce

    This is a simple but different dish with a surprising flavor that will please most taste buds. The spicy accent to the peanut sauce is really a fun new taste. Very simple with few ingredients […]

  • Spring Cleaning

    Spring Cleaning

    Finally we are beginning to see an end to this brutal winter weather. At least here in the mid South we are. I know for folks up North there is still some kick left in […]

  • All Clogged Up

    All Clogged Up

    I noticed the other day my shower drain running a bit slow. This happens about once a year and is a reminder that it is time to clean out the shower sump. It did get […]

  • White Batter Bread

    White Batter Bread

    Prep Time: 1 hrs 5 mins Total Time: 1 hrs 50 mins Serves: 24, Yield: 2 loaves This is an easy bread to make aboard a boat as it does not require the usual kneading […]

  • Beer Bread

    Beer Bread

    Prep Time: 10 mins Total Time: 1 hrs 25 mins Servings: 6-8 This is an easy to make aboard break that is relatively quick. The type of beer you use will change the way the […]

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